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The real voyage to self discovery is...
not in seeking new lands, but in seeing old lands with new eyes.

William James...

Welcome to my world...

....a world where weekend's and alarm clocks don't exist. Where the sun sets the tide rises to validate the passing of time...

Where "Thank God its Friday!" is a bad philosophy, Thanking God is great and Mondays are awesome too if you have a dream.

Where responsibility reigns excuses are for the weak.

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Where what ever it costs you to keep your word, the price is reasonable!! My world is a special place and you are welcome, if you dare?

If you dare, to design live an Uncommon life for yourself. ...Then Welcome to my world!!

My personal Declaration of Independence...

  • Be Truthful in communication, intention and daily actions
  • Never start something until I have finished it mentally first
  • Choosing Humility over pride as often as possible
  • Remain in a constant state of Gratitude for countless daily blessings
  • Operate from a state of abundance not scarcity and support a philosophy that things do not have to be either/or they can in fact be and or both
  • Demonstrate Family leadership as a husband, father, brother, cousin and friend by listening more carefully and be more helpful and available
  • Encourage an environment of Compassion, Cooperation, Empathy, and love in a world faced with power, greed, jealousy, envy and vanity
  • Never-- Edge God Out (EGO). Give all credit to my creator through which all-perfect things our possible

Personal Mission Statement

To inspire millions of people to achieve greater levels of achievement through personal risk and encouragement. To gladly overcome obstacles with creativity and solid effort. To be kind and make a difference in my own family.

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